Reach Music is well positioned and experienced to enhance your career as a songwriter. Reach Music protects your copyrights, collects your royalties throughout the world, negotiates your deals and licenses your music with third party users to generate increased value for your songs.

Reach Music can connect you with other leading songwriters, producers and artists to propel your career, and can
provide you with use of our full-service recording studios in New York and Burbank, CA. In addition, Reach maintains strong creative relationships with the A&R record community, maximizing your potential for new opportunities.

Furthermore, Reach Music is in daily communication with music supervisors, film, TV, advertising and video game executives. The strength of Reach Music is not only within our creative contacts and synchronization pursuits, but
also our knowledge of current market licensing fees and contractual terms.

Reach Music provides a worldwide infrastructure to represent copyrights and to handle all registrations, licensing
and royalty collection tasks.

Administratively, Reach Music is positioned to collect your royalties in the most streamlined and effective manner. We often collect your royalties directly throughout the world in many territories, including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and France. The direct collection of your royalties in significant territories enables us to bypass intermediaries and to collect royalties faster and more reliably than many of our competitors. We also work with subpublishers in select foreign territories to enhance our regional presence and to generate local creative opportunities for our clients.

Because of our international society affiliations and direct royalty collections both in the US and abroad, we can often collect your royalties faster; which will pay you faster.

Reach Musicís structure as a nimble independent publisher allows us to create deals that grant you superior flexibility. Tailoring a program exclusively for you, we can provide worldwide or multi-territory deals; or simply represent you in the
US while monitoring your existing international publishing deal, or represent you in the foreign territory of your choice.
On the other hand, we can also partner with larger major publishers, if requested, to provide you with a unique hybrid representation.

This is at the heart of what a full service yet truly independent and forward-thinking music publisher can accomplish.
This is what Reach Music can provide for you.

Reach Music is staffed with employees who are experts in their field, and are passionate about their work.


Shake That
Eminem ft. Nate Dogg
Wanna Know
Obie Trice
Set It Off
The World Is Yours
Lean Back
Terror Squad
How Low
Take You There
Sean Kingston

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